About Us

The Pet Door Company was launched in June 2003 to provide pet owners with a one-stop comprehensive Cat Flap and Dog Door supply and installation service, which was not readily available across the greater Gold Coast and Brisbane area at that stage.

Upon receiving a very favourable take up of our services, we increased our range of products to by far the largest and most comprehensive within Australia. We have sourced the most appropriate Cat Doors and Dog Flaps for installation into Glass, Wooden Doors, Security Screens and Insect Screen Doors, and Walls. Within those categories we have a range of colours, including totally clear for Glass installations, as well as specialised selective entry Pet Doors to prevent the entry of stray pets, and in certain circumstances only permit certain pets to exit the home. We even offer selective entry Cat Doors that work without batteries (multi-magnetic Cat Doors), and are therefore totally maintenance free. Increasingly popular are microchip operated Pet Doors, now also available for small dogs in addition to cats.

We now regularly supply pet doors across Australia, and provide all the necessary glass cutting and wall installation instructions and parts for pet doors that normally go into wooden doors, but are also very well suited to both glass and wood. We also check all our Cat Flaps and Dog Doors before they are dispatched to ensure that no parts, such as screws and caps are missing, which can be very frustrating when receiving a product that is not complete. We also pre-test our selective entry Pet Doors before sending them out, to ensure they are ready to operate upon installation.

Our product range also has appeal to customers throughout the world, as many of the products we supply are not easy to source in a number of countries. We have supplied customers with our Cat Flaps and Dog Doors in places as far away as South Africa, Norway, UK, Dubai, Brazil, Canada, USA, and many nations throughout Asia. We welcome all overseas inquiries for our Pet Doors, and will confirm pricing including delivery costs within a day or two.

Thank you to all our regular customers who continue to support us when they move home, or acquire different size pets, and require a new Cat Flap or Dog Door. This continued support, and referring our services to friends and family is essential to the continued growth of our Pet Door business, and we sincerely appreciate your continued patronage.