Q: Are Cat Flaps and Dog Doors easy to use, and how long will it take for my cat or dog to use the pet door without hesitation?
A: Most cats and dogs take no more than a couple of days to freely use the Pet Door as needed. Initially a treat can be used to encourage the cat or dog to walk through the Pet Door, and for the first few times, the flap can be held or propped up to make it easier for the pet to use.

Q: What types of materials can Cat Flaps and Dog Doors be installed into?
A: We have Pet Doors that fit into virtually any type of material, be it wood, security screen, glass or walls. Where required, we also supply specialised instructions to be used by your glazier, builder, carpenter or installer.

Q: How difficult are Pet Doors to install?
A: The simplest Cat Flaps and Dog Doors to install, are those into security screens and timber doors. These can generally be installed by a competent home handyman or carpenter with basic tools. Glass and Wall installations should only be undertaken by appropriate specialists, such as glaziers or builders.

Q: Do you offer an installation service for your comprehensive range of Pet Doors?
A: We offer a full installation service throughout the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast region.

Q: What are the differences between 2 way locking, and 4 way locking Pet Doors?
A: 2 way locking allows for the Cat Flap or Dog Door to be either “open” or “locked”. The 4 way locking system can be set to either “open”, “locked”, “in-only”, or “out-only”, for example, when one wants one’s pet to come inside for dinner, but then not be able to go outside again, until the next morning.

Q: Are spare parts readily available for your Cat Flaps and Dog Doors?
A: All our Pet Doors are of high quality, and spare parts are not often required. In those instances where an additional collar magnet or replacement flap is required, we generally hold stock of these items. Go to our ORDERS page for further details. For any non listed items, just email us, as we may be able to source your requirements.

Q: Do you have any selective entry Cat Flaps or Dog Doors, where a collar magnet is not needed to be worn, as my pet does not wear a collar?
A: The Pet Porte and Sureflap Microchip Pet Doors do not require any collar magnets or tags to be worn, and models are currently available for all size cats, as well as small dogs.

Q: Are there any selective entry Pet Doors available for Medium and Large Dogs?
A: Unfortunately, there are currently no selective entry Dog Doors for Medium or Large Dogs. The previously available Infra-Red Large Dog Door is no longer manufactured. One of the manufacturers is working on a Medium and Large selective entry Dog Door. As soon as this new product becomes available, we do intend to stock this item. Production of this new product may take some time, and at this stage we have not been advised of an availability date. As soon as we do have notification on availability of the larger selective entry Dog Flaps, we will list the details on this page and website.